Things to Consider Before Buying a Piece of Land.

Top 6 Things to Consider Before Buying a Piece of Land

Mansions World Kenya investment offers you numerous options. Buying a piece of land is one of the, Here are some factors that you need to look into before you buy Land in Kenya.

Developmental Outlook:

Are you buying a piece of land for residential or commercial purposes? Do you want to build your home, flats to rent, or shops to let?

Your answer to these questions may determine the location of the land you should buy. For instance, if you want to build flats to let, consider areas with close local facilities such as supermarkets, schools, and health care facilities.

Great wall Apartment.

For rent Basic facts Description Neighborhood Features Video Date added: 08/06/20 Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 2 Area: 1000 sq ft Year built: 2018 Status: Available Type: Rent Rent period: Per month 1 2 Description Great wall Apartment. Off Mombasa Road near All Pack Industry, 3BR master ensuite Apartment in gated community.

Many families prefer to live only a couple of miles from their children’s schools. This will therefore affect where they rent a house.


You have heard it before – location, location, location. It affects price considerably. Half an acre of land may cost 10 times more in Runda compared to the Embakasi area. However, Embakasi is closer to the airport compared to Runda. The location of the land you wish to purchase should indeed conform to your Kenya real estate development objectives.

Distance from the Main Road:

The further out you go from the main road, the cheaper the parcel of land. However, security may also be compromised.

If you are buying a piece of land with the objective of building the rental property, you may have to contend with a lesser amount of rental income if you build far out from the main road.

I was looking for a house to rent recently and I settled for a smaller property that was closer to the main road rather than a bigger one further out.


For rent Basic facts Description Neighborhood Features Video Date added: 07/28/20 Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 2 Floors: 1 Area: 2000 sq ft Lot size: 200.0 sq ft Status: Open Type: Master Ensuite Rent period: Per month 1 2 Description Kilimani -Muringa Rd easily accessible 3BR Apartment to rent,Located in the high end Kilimani Estate, few minutes […]

Access to Water, Electricity and Telephone Lines

Some Kenya real estate areas such as Kitengela are not very developed and may lack electricity and telephone lines as well as piped water. Lack of these facilities makes the land cheaper though, but at what cost.

My mum bought a couple of acres in Kitengela and had to sink her own borehole and pump water into the house. She also had to apply for electricity from Kenya Power and Lighting Company.

Luckily for her, it turned out to be a hassle-free process. It is cheaper to buy land in such areas but you must be prepared to bear the extra costs and delays. Sometimes, like in my mum’s case, it proved worthwhile.

Soil Texture

Well, believe it or not, soil texture does affect Kenya’s real estate value. Areas with black cotton soil tend to be cheaper as compared to red soil regions.

For instance, parts of Mombasa road have black cotton soil and can not be compared to red soil areas such as Karen, Muthaiga, or Runda. Soil texture also affects building costs.

Westlands-Brookside Drive

For rent Basic facts Description Neighborhood Features Video Date added: 08/07/20 Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 2 Area: 3000 sq ft Lot size: 300.0 sq ft Year built: 2014 Status: Open Type: Master Ensuite Rent period: Per month 1 2 Description Westlands-Brookside Drive-Situated in the leafy suburbs of Westlands,3 bedroom upmarket apartment comprising spacious lounge with balcony, […]

Sewer Location:

Some areas have sewer restrictions and thus not suitable for certain types of Kenya real estate development. Developments along the famous Ngong Road have been restricted due to the overloaded sewer.

If you intend to build an apartment complex for sale or to let, you have to check the sewer restrictions as well as other planning restrictions issued by the local council.

With these factors are all put into consideration, buying a piece of land in Kenya should be smooth sailing.

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